Employer Benefits

If your business is in the insurance or personal finance sector, CII Aspire Apprenticeship programmes are designed to help you meet your specific skills challenges. We make it easier for you to attract and develop the best people.

Benefits include:

  • Cost-effective learning and development with up to 100% funding, depending on your region
  • CII qualifications aligned to apprenticeship standards and frameworks, and so supporting career progression
  • Structured training, delivered by reputable providers
  • Increased employee satisfaction and loyalty
  • Development of the specific skills and behaviours your organisation and industry need
  • Cost-effective attraction and selection of new employees
  • Training and upskilling of existing workforce

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is 20% off-the-job training?

    The requirement for 20% ‘off-the-job training’ is not as onerous as you might think, and does not necessarily mean you will have to release your apprentice one day a week to sit in a classroom. Training is an essential part of an apprenticeship and must take place during employed time. Employers may find that what they offer as part of their existing learning and development delivery counts towards the 20%. For example, revision towards CII exams, use of insurance/Broker/Financial Assess and attendance at Local Institute events.